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WSDG Announces Andrew Swerdlow and Jonathan Bickoff as New Partners

WSDG Announces Andrew Swerdlow and Jonathan Bickoff as New Partners

Promotion from within elevates rising stars

NEW YORK -- Leading global architectural acoustics design firm WSDG (Walters-Storyk Design Group) has awarded partnerships to project managers Andrew Swerdlow and Jonathan Bickoff.  The announcement reflects the firm's commitment to recognizing and rewarding its next generation leadership and the role those team members play in shaping the company’s future.  In making the announcement, WSDG co-founding partners Beth Walters and John Storyk remarked, “Andy and Jonathan have consistently proven their worth to our firm by their initiatives in problem solving, and their ability to provide clients with realistic deadlines and invaluable design, budgeting and technical recommendations.  Making them partners at this point in their careers quantifies our appreciation for the value they bring to our firm.”


The Next Generation
​Swerdlow and Bickoff are the latest to join the ranks of a growing next generation in leadership at WSDG, a move consistent with the transition plan that the firm has put into place over the past few years. Storyk emphasized the point that WSDG has been deliberate in developing a global team of expert architectural, acoustical and systems designers and engineers over its long existence from within, ensuring the firm’s long-term stability and future.  “Virtually all our associates have been on board for many years and they all share a commitment to excellence as well as a deep pride in their collaborative achievements,” he explained.  “This teamwork has braced our collective bonds and enhanced its bottom line.”

Co-founding partner Beth Walters-Storyk underscored this philosophy by stating, “It is not a cliché to consider the WSDG team an extended, intercontinental family.  Our more than sixty associates are scattered around the world, but we remain in constant contact and collectively we personify the concept of globalized collaboration.  On a personal note,” she adds, “This bedrock foundation of dependable expertise has enabled me to fulfill our long-time goal of stepping back from my day-to-day responsibilities to focus on my avocation as a serious painter.  My confidence in our team’s proficiencies is incredibly empowering.  We have built a remarkable global organization, and I take great pride in each new success.” 

L-R (Top Row) Joshua Morris, Nancy Flannery, Sergio Molho, Silvia Molho. L-R (Bottom Row) Dirk Noy, Gabriel Hauser, Matthew Ballos, Romina Larregina
L-R (Top Row) Joshua Morris, Nancy Flannery, Sergio Molho, Silvia Molho. L-R (Bottom Row) Dirk Noy, Gabriel Hauser, Matthew Ballos, Romina Larregina

Rising Stars
​WSDG’s next generation leadership partners include COO Joshua Morris, CFO Nancy Flannery, Director of Production Romina Larrengina and Director of Architectural Technology Matthew Ballos in the New York Office. Global Partners include Director of Applied Science and Engineering Dirk Noy and Director of Acoustics Gabriel Hauser in the Basel, Switzerland Office, Director of Business Development Sergio Molho, and Art Director Silvia Molho in the Latin America office based in Miami, FL.  These skilled, knowledgeable professionals (40% of whom are under 40) represent thousands of hours of hands-on experience, invaluable client insights, and millions of international travel miles.

WSDG Co-Founders John Storyk and Beth Walters-Storyk
WSDG Co-Founders John Storyk and Beth Walters-Storyk

“WSDG partnerships are not token titles,” concluded John Storyk. “Our partners prove their worth every day, in meetings, client discussions, problem solving, and by their insights into new technologies to help us work more efficiently.  As ‘Next Generation Partners,’ they have a vested interest in the on-going success of our firm.  A well-earned partnership, instills a sense of commitment and mutual respect that is invaluable to our esprit de corps.”  

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​For over 50 years, acoustic consulting and A/V integration firm WSDG has designed nearly 3,500 media production facilities worldwide and counting. Projects range from Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studio and Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, to broadcast facilities for The Food Network, CBS and WNET, over 20 teaching studios for The Art Institutes, and corporate clients such as Sony, IBM and Novartis. Recent credits include Jungle City in New York, The Church Studios in London, private studios for Green Day, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Jack Antonoff, J Cole, Harry Connick Jr., and Academy Award-nominated film composer Carter Burwell. WSDG has collaborated with such noted architects as Frank Gehry, Philippe Stark, Rafael Viñoly, Santiago Calatrava, Grimshaw, and Norman Foster.  An 11-time winner of the prestigious pro audio NAMM TEC Award for outstanding achievement in Acoustics/Facility Design, WSDG maintains U.S. offices in New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Miami and global offices in Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Belo Horizonte, Buenos Aires, Guangzhou, Mexico City and Mumbai.

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About WSDG

WSDG (Walters-Storyk Design Group) is an 12-time TEC award-winning international firm specializing in architectural acoustic consulting and media systems engineering. Pioneering architect/acoustician, John Storyk (AIA), founded the company in 1969 with the creation of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios in New York City’s Greenwich Village. WSDG provides a wide portfolio of design and consulting services that support architectural projects during throughout all phases of project development. Our international team of consultants have provided timely, detailed and cost-effective advice on highly sensitive and complex architectural construction and renovation projects, from small but critical retrofits to challenging ground up construction projects. WSDG has extensive experience with sensitive architectural issues including historical renovations, additions and new construction projects in media production, corporate, government, transportation, education, broadcasting and cultural / entertainment sectors.  

Past clients include Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, J Cole, and Jack Antonoff, corporate entities such as Spotify, Sony, CBS, Novartis, and IBM, and global governmental AV installations as well as and educational institutions such as Berklee College of Music, UCLA, University of Music Vienna, and NYU.

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